Contract Negotiation – Contract Drafting & Review

group of multi ethnic business people at work discussing aThe State and Federal courts are jam-packed with legal cases involving Business Transactions gone awry. Although no one plans on a problem, anyone who has participated in the Business world will likely agree that any Business arrangement or partnership agreement has the likelihood of encountering misunderstandings and disagreements. Because of this, and before you proceed on a handshake, a verbal agreement, or a hastily drafted Word document, invest a few hours with a successful and cost effective Business Lawyer who will help you protect yourself and your Business from the inevitable legal challenges that will arise. As one of Jonathan’s clients, K.E., expresses about Jonathan, “Jonathan provided carefully researched legal advice and shows a pragmatic approach to problem solving. He is also a pleasure to work with.”

Preventing Potential Business Problems – Solving Existing Ones…

Business Lawyer Jonathan C. Watts works directly with professionals, entrepreneurs and small Business owners in the East Bay 580/680 corridor and surrounding cities of Oakland, Walnut Creek, Concord, Hayward, Pleasanton, Livermore and beyond. Jonathan is well-known and respected for providing quality, cost effective and business supportive services that include:

      • Business Consulting: practical advice and honest information about business and tax issues;
      • Business Formation: Corporations, LLC’s, and Nonprofit Organizations;
        • Partnership & LLC Agreements with Tax analysis and Allocation;
      • Business Dissolution: closing a business properly, proper entity shut down;
      • Business Contracts: contract review, contract drafting, contract negotiation;
      • Business & Corporate Transactions: start-up advice, formation, entity maintenance, contracts
        • Secured Transactions;
      • Mergers & Acquisitions: mergers, acquisitions, asset & stock purchases;
      • Drafting and reviewing stock purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements;
      • Drafting and reviewing LLC operating agreements, and shareholder agreements;
      • Structuring various types of financial arrangements;
      • Venture Capital, Finance and Security: venture capital, private placements, securities & financing needs;
      • Commercial Tenancy Matters: residential leases have statutory protections; commercial leases DO NOT!;
      • Commercial Leases: drafting & reviewing commercial loan & lease agreements to best protect you;
      • Providing counsel in connection with commercial real estate transactions including: commercial construction contracts;real estate purchase agreements;tenant improvement agreements and commercial leases.
      • Serving as General Counsel for “For-Profit” and “Non-Profit” companies;
      • Advising Boards of Directors and Shareholders.

4 in 1: 4 Business-Critical Lawyers in 1

Business Law – Internet Law – Tax Law – Estate Planning

Jonathan C. Watts is a unique and cost-effective resource to professionals and Business owners alike. With Jonathan overseeing your legal issues, there is no need to burden yourself with the cost and inefficiencies of hiring 2, 3, or even 4 Lawyers. Jonathan knows that the Ideal Business Lawyer should encompass a thorough understanding of Business Law as well as have a “finger on the pulse” of the most recent Tax Law changes. Possessing these qualities has enabled him to become a “One-Stop-Shop” for you as a cost-conscious Business owner.

Every Business is vulnerable to Legal Problems…

Jonathan C. Watts is an experienced Business Lawyer - Your prospering Business must be vigilant in the development and revisions of your basic operating documents and in the shrewd and meticulous review of long-term commitments such as leases for office, warehouse, or retail space. Additionally, it is wise to have a well-drafted and comprehensive employee/subcontractor agreement developed before hiring employees or subcontractors. An experienced, thorough and astute Business Lawyer will prove to be an invaluable asset to your growing company and in the protecting yourself and your company from unnecessary legal exposure. As a colleague of Jonathan’s aptly states, “Jonathan is a very communicative attorney, with impeccable integrity. He combines his analytical skills with his strong interpersonal relationship skills.” Jonathan’s law skills are only superseded by his forthright, honest and straightforward personal style.

Every Business is vulnerable to Tax Problems…

Jonathan C. Watts is a qualified Tax Lawyer - Every major business transaction has serious tax ramifications both short and long-term that need to be assessed. Having a Tax Lawyer review your major transactions each year may make the difference between realizing a profit or owing the government excess taxes. Businesses must watch out for legal vulnerabilities while paying close attention to the bottom-line. Jonathan can help you and your Business handle the often convoluted and tricky tax liabilities that will arise. Jonathan recently added to his tax knowledge by completing a Masters in Taxation, in 2011.

Every Business needs an Internet/E-Commerce Lawyer…

As a high technology, Internet-based, or multimedia professional or company, your focus is getting your code, your design, your software, your product or service into your customers’ hands as quickly as possible. The last thing you want to be doing is worrying about legal issues, whether your intellectual property is protected, and facing potentially hours of tedious negotiation that can dampen your enthusiasm and derail your productivityseo flow chart on chalkboard. Jonathan’s client, J.P. who is a Computer Software Senior Manager, succinctly says, “he’s very calming and good at dealing with hysterical and/or crazy and/or nervous people, and scrupulously honest.” This is where Internet Lawyer Jonathan C. Watts can help.

Jonathan’s client, K.K. who is a Web Designer and Developer, and who Jonathan has assisted with Internet related issues, expresses it well. “He has worked with us in a variety of ways and has helped guide us in the process of bringing a new product to market.  He is, above all, trustworthy and easy to work with.  He does what he says and says what he does.  His work product gives us the confidence and security that we are heading in the right direction. I have since recommended Jonathan to others who are equally happy with him.  I will continue to enthusiastically recommend Jonathan to anyone who has a need for an attorney.”

Jonathan C. Watts is an Internet and Computer Technology Attorney – Located conveniently in San Ramon, California and immediately off the 680 freeway, Jonathan has been providing trusted advice and needed assistance to cutting-edge Internet entrepreneurs and Businesses engaged in E-Commerce, new media, and promoting/providing services on the web. Jonathan also offers invaluable help to programmers, graphic designers, website developers, software developers, APP developers and other new media professionals in developing workable and enforceable website Terms-of-Use (TOU) and Terms of Service (TOS) agreements, website privacy policies, website development agreements, content agreements, copyright agreements, and more.

Any person or business that has a website for their personal, professional, or business promotion; from a simple “web-presence,” or an e-Commerce website would be well-advised to have an effective terms-of-use website agreement to prevent both legitimate and frivolous lawsuits.

Every Business Person needs a Business Lawyer on Speed Dial

Once you become aware of how legally exposed you are– why not give Jonathan C. Watts a call? He’ll welcome the opportunity to give you sage legal advice, coach you through the possible legal challenges that develop along the way and most-importantly — look after you and your Business’ best interests. His goal is to make you a life-long Business client as he takes quick, affordable steps to protect you personally and shield you from common pitfalls that could cripple your personal and Business future.

Contact East Bay Business Lawyer Jonathan C. Watts at 925-217-3255 to arrange a consultation with him about your Business and personal objectives.

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